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TG 60 Shoring Frame

TG 60

Shoring Frame

For ingeniously easy, fast, flexible and safe assembly of shoring towers.

TG 60

Shoring Frame


The TG60 offers the most possibilities and flexibility on the market.

It has been developed as an extension to the conventional scaffold system and the beauty is there is less kit needed fro the same structure thanks to the high loads it takes for thick and high slabs alike. The base frame is equipped with rossets at the top and bottom and therefore has no need for a spigot.


  • Safer and simpler one man assembly.
  • No loose parts.
  • Very little material required.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Low weight of individual parts.
  • Tried and tested.
  • Economic and versatile design.


  • The number 1 system for slabs in the UK
  • Bolt free connections
  • 30% time savings in comparison to any other system
  • Horizontal assembly on the ground
  • Low number of components

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TG 60

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TG 60

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