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Panel Formwork

Modular formwork system for the construction of any vertical concrete structure.


Panel Formwork


The new features offered by the Spanish system, allow permissible concrete pressures of 80kN/m2 using a 15 millimetre tie rod, this is opposed to 60kN with any other widely available system in the UK.

This system offers customers some significant savings on site. It is a modular formwork system for use on large areas and for repetitive pours of concrete.

The system combines some of the main advantages of the current systems in the UK, such as the lightweight clamping system and the combined nut and washers (which are now the norm for any credible system). Also fast forming stop end solutions and clip on access brackets.


Permissible Concrete Pressure

  • 3.3m range: 80 kN/m2
  • 2.7m range: 74 kN/m2

Maximum Deflection

  • For 60 kN/m2: line 7, tab. 3 DIN 18202
  • For 80 kN/m2: line 6, tab. 3 DIN 18202

More Highlights

  • Quick acting access brackets
  • Waler hooks - twist in
  • Easy clamps just 2.9 kilos
  • Easy stop ends


  • Very versatile: lateral holes for fast erection of standard solutions (bulkheads, corners, columns, etc.). Minimum work on in-fillings and compensation
  • Panel connection with clamps and a single hammer blow
  • Three basic functions: Join, Align, Stiffen
  • Connecting element between panels and corners.
  • Robust panel with steel frame and reinforced corners.
  • Excellent finishing due to high-quality phenolic birch plywood.
  • Wide height range of panels: 3.3m; 2.7m, 1.2m and up to 3.3 x 2.4m (7.92m2).
  • Safety items for easy application to panels.

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