VR Tables

VR Tables Highlights

C Hook

Lift large tables one at a time using this item which allows for rapid movement of slab formwork from floor to floor


Simply wheel the tables to the edge of the building using the wheeled trolleys


The swivel head VR not only fixes together the primary and secondary beams it also allows you to swing the props up when the table is ready to be lifted over the edge protection.


The table sizes can be made to measure depending on your project. Large tables up to 5 x 3.3 metres in size per table.


Formwork Overview

VR tables are mainly used for high rise buildings ie: concrete frames. The beauty of this system is the cycle times it offers using the crane to move the tables fast via the use of the C hook.

There is no faster way to construct slabs than this provided that the repetition is feasible depending on the project in hand.

The lightweight timber beams are very economical and offer excellent cost efficiency on site also.

There is only a need to assemble the tables only once for all suitable floors and thereafter only moving is necessary.

VR Tables Features

  • Upstands and protection screens at the edge are easy to overcome using the Swivel heads and C hook.
  • No Parallel table secondary beams are possible to accommodate shaped buildings.
  • Comines with towers for higher and thicker slabs.
  • Quality made parts make for durability of at least twice as much as many other systems in the world.

For more detailed information download the VR Tables product guide.


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