Enkoflex Horizontal Formwork

ENKOFLEX is a beam formwork adaptable to any slab type. The independent beams provide great versatility.

Enkoflex Highlights

Ultra Strong Prop (50kn)

Prop height ranges from 2.7 up to 5 metres - one prop fits all.

Few Components

Primarys, secondarys and props with changeable heads - that's it.

No Gates

Less assembly time & more working space below for a safer site.

Easy Edge Protection

Handrails built in to the deck area that simply slide on to the beams.

Enkoflex Advantages

  • Accommodates drop beams simpler than any other system
  • Easy and quick to erect.
  • Few items: timber beams, heads, plywood and shoring system.
  • Fulfils highest concrete finishing requirements. No concrete leaking.
  • Great versatility for different slabs and heights depending on beams grid and shoring system used.
  • Possible to support with prop or shoring, depending on height.
  • VM 20 timber beams: Cap protected edges against tear and wear and humidity.

For more detailed information download the Enkoflex product guide.


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