BMK 240 Climbing Formwork

Versatile, robust and dismountable. BMK consists of standard MK Walers, specific BMK accessories and other items of the MK system.

BMK 240 Video Overview

Product Feature Stripping Corners

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BMK 240 Features

  • For Building Construction and Civil Works.
  • Platform width: 240 cm.
  • 35 m2 formwork surface per pair of climbing brackets.
  • Anchorage to wall: DW15, DW20.
  • Formwork stripping distance: 70 cm with roll-back carriage, or 5 cm to 15 cm with tilt-back system.
  • Adaptable to inclined walls.

BMK 240 Advantages

  • High flexibility guaranteed with few components.
  • Completely adaptable even to inclined and circular walls.
  • Fully dismountable due to its independent walers joined with bolts. Minimum transport volume.

For more detailed information download the BMK 240 product guide.


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