Bira Circular Formwork

The BIRA system is a circular steel formwork system for curved walls. The simple mechanism makes it easy to curve it according to the required radius.

Bira Formwork Highlights

Tightest Joints in the Height

Minimal rubbing up required and eliminates grout loss.

Simplest Radiusing

Just turn four nuts per panel. No need for any sequencing

Easiest Lifting

Lift as much as needed in one piece, reducing times from pour to pour.

F4 Concrete Finish

The steel face gives an architectural F4 Finish without a panel lip at the joints.

Formwork Overview

Each Panel weighs 438 Kilos (2m x 2.25m) and can easily be lifted stacked in twos thanks to the unique aligning and plumbing mechanisms the system has to offer.

This is not possible with any other steel faced panel system due to the weight - but BIRA is only the same weight as a regular plywood shutter of the same dimensions.

When the concrete is poured the joint in the height is extremely tight thanks to the aligning wedges, so no grout loss occurrs.

The feet on the pans allow the formwork to sit on the ground with ease as it enables you to adjust the panel level to suit any varying ground conditions.

Bira Features

  • Permissible concrete pressure
    • 60 kN/m2 with tie rod Ø 15 mm
    • 80 kN/m2 with tie rod Ø 20 mm
  • Minimum curvature radius: 2.2m

Video Overview

Bira Advantages

  • High-strength steel shuttering face.
  • Panels with only 2 rows of anchors
  • Wide range of panel heights (intervals of 25 cm are possible).
  • One width per model (inside, outside).
  • Simple curvature blocking.
  • Compatible with ORMA formwork.
  • Reduced number of accessories.
  • Built-in components for lifting, vertical panel connection and levelling.
  • Safe assembly.
  • Quick jointing of panels with clamps.
Achieving a 1850 Outer Radius

For more detailed information download the Bira product guide.


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