ATR Self Climbing Formwork

The ATR is a self-climbing formwork system that, driven by hydraulic and mechanical mechanisms, enables large sets of formwork to be lifted simultaneously without needing a crane.

It is optimised for the construction of high vertical structures where wind is a key factor, the degree of crane employment is high and safety requirements during the entire construction process are significant.

Climbing is performed by means of the subsequent mast elevation and the climbing bracket-formwork-set erection along the wall surface.

It features great adaptability to complex geometries and exposed concrete finishes, but above all it is a system that is remarkable for achieving optimised working times and rhythms during the climbing, concrete pouring and stripping processes, with total safety.

System Advantages

  • Flexible and versatile for all types of requirement in the construction of high-rise buildings
  • Easy to adapt due to MK System components: closures, installation of platforms, safety and cone recovery
  • Almost complete autonomy from crane assistance. Formwork, working platforms and concrete placing boom can be simultaneous lifted
  • Hydraulic push: superior performance compared to conventional climbing with crane. Very fast construction pace
  • Operational even in adverse weather conditions
  • Safety in lifting and handling at great heights
  • Adaptable to complex wall geometries
  • Large and protected working platforms. Safe access
  • Hydraulic system fully configurable to construction needs
  • High load-bearing capacity. Large formwork assemblies can be lifted easily
  • Climbing brackets are anchored to the wall with cones embedded in the concrete (absorption of horizontal and vertical loads)
  • Roll-back carriages for works between formwork panels
  • Main accessories are common throughout the product range
  • Compatible with all vertical formwork systems and with MK System

Video Overview

For more detailed information download the ATR product guide.


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